Automated multipack machine

Creating a multipack of your products can be a time-consuming process. Every bag leaving the bagmaker needs to be checked for leaks and neatly be placed in a multipack. This delicate process is done mostly manually in the food and snack industry to prevent damaging the product.

Pack your bags automatically into neatly aligned multipacks

The Aligning Collating Multipackaging (ACM) machine of Jongerius Hanco collects products directly from a bagmaker and allocates them gently into a neatly aligned pattern of your choice. The products are then packed in a (biodegradable) sack creating a neat and organized multipack.

Because there is no need for human interference, the ACM can efficiently handle up to 140 bags per minute and has a steady output of finished multipacks. Although mainly used in the snack industry, it can handle a large variety of solid bagged products up to 1 kg.

Jongerius Hanco offers two different multipack machines; the ACM for multiple product rows and the ACM in Line for single row multipack.


  • Cutting labor cost
  • Steady output of multipacks
  • Increased production speed