Aerator for fat based masses and crème fillings

If you work with fat-based center masses and cremes, is your current aeration and crystallization machinery leading to more wastage and higher power consumption than it should? By changing to a revolutionary crystallization process that improves the mass quality and reduces complexity and cost you will see immediate benefits.

Save production time and reduce wastage with next-generation aerator and crystalliser

The Aasted SuperNova Orbit is able to crystallize fat-based masses to a near solid state which means direct transfer to open hoppers and extruders without any pre-cooling required. This saves production time and reduces wastage.

If the mass is also to be aerated then gas is injected in the middle of the crystallisation process which ensures it is fully and equally dispersed without the need for a traditional mixing head – this more simple design improves reliability and uptime. Gas injection can be switched on and off allowing the unit to be used for a wide range of fat-based masses, increasing flexibility.

SuperNova Orbit features a planetary action which ensures a constant scraper velocity throughout the unit resulting in a more homogenised product than traditional systems are able to deliver.

Available in up to 1,800kg/h versions, a wide range of options brings unparalleled flexibility to your production line. Options include flavour injection, piping, water system for piping, 16 bar mono pump and more.


  • Reduced production time - deliver near-solid mass straight to extruders
  • Increased uptime and reduced maintenance as no traditional mixing head required
  • Better quality product with improved homogeneity
  • Optional aeration system for increased product diversity