24 fully controlled bioreactors in a microtiter format

When undertaking a screening study, process development or optimisation study, you can speed up your project by growing and controlling multiple small cultures simultaneously. If time and reproducibility are critical for your project, you may consider investing in technology that will help you increase your efficiency in time and costs.

Independently control up to 24 bioreactors with one system

The Micro-matrix from Getinge Applikon is an high throughput fermentation and cell culture device which allows easy operation of 24 bioreactors in parallel. The micro-Matrix comes on a simple microtiter plate footprint, allowing independent control and measurements of the following:

  • pH,
  • temperature,
  • dissolved oxygen control, individually controlled by up to 4 separate gas additions, and
  • individual liquid additions.

The bioreactors are a true scale down of small scale bioreactors, giving all the functionality of their larger counterparts in a space-saving format. The accompanying software allows for simple comparisons of experimental cultures, and advanced controls such as time- and event-based control actions. The volume per bioreactor is 10ml (recommended working volume is 5ml).



  • Easy setup and operation
  • Cultivate large numbers of cultures at once
  • Uses less space and medium volumes
  • Same functionality as lab scale bioreactors