Dust-free solution to packing fertilizers

When looking for a fully automatic packing solution for fertilizers, it is important to make sure that the machine materials are made corrosion-resistant so that the equipment has longer lifetime. In addition, maintaining the free-flowing property of fertilizers requires paying special attention to the process of dosing and bagging in order to prevent the product from absorbing water. This is also essential for creating a dust-free environment for the operators.

Dust-free solution to packing fertilizers

Challenges of handling fertilizers

One of the most common fertilizers produced in Europe is nitrogen based fertilizers that involve the production of ammonia and nitric acid. Many fertilizer productions also use additives to improve its physical properties such as sulphur. Therefore, corrosion protection is of great importance when it comes to production and packaging facilities of fertilizers. Another common issue fertilizer production and packing factories face is humidity and dust control.

Customized solution to packing fertilizers

Safe and hygienic solutions to bagging and palletizing fertilizers are required to guarantee corrosion resistance as well as dust reduction. Minimizing dust emission is not only crucial for hygienic operating environment where it requires high level of respiratory pollution control; it also helps to keep the free-flowing property of fertilizers in high humidity conditions. This oftentimes requires customized automatic bagging machines and high-level palletizers to tackle the challenges of handling fertilizers. Interested to learn more about fertilizer packaging technology?