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Pharmaceutical containment solutions are necessary to protect your operator. It’s important to keep your staff separated completely from any hazardous substance. This means you have to enclose the hazardous product at the location where it is produced. You have to keep it closed off from the operator from the point where it enters your site, all through the process, until the final packaging.

When your product moves through different production steps it is often handled in different drums, sacks, or bulk bags. Handling these transfers can be challenging. For some hazardous chemicals / bio-hazards, legal occupational exposure limits (OEL) have been determined. OEL regulation sets an upper limit on the acceptable concentration of a hazardous substance in workplace air.
Total Containment: When no legal guidance is available, you go through the process of control banding to ensure proper risk assessment. Control banding ranks hazards in different occupational exposure bands (OEB). This ranges anywhere from “light skin and eye irritants” up to “very toxic on single exposure”.
Total containment not only protects humans, but also needs to protect the environment while preventing cross-contamination.

We have experience with a variety of containment challenges and can advise on the required technical procedure and help you minimize investment and operating costs. Browse some of our recommended solutions below. These include downflow booths, safety cabinets, rigid aseptic barrier systems but also many flexible solutions that can be customized to your particular production environment.

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