A beginner's guide on packaging legal cannabis edibles

Cannabis or CBD is perhaps the most trending topic of 2020. Since cannabis is legalized in many states of US and nationwide in Canada, the market of cannabis related products has seen an explosive growth. Cannabis can be added in various kinds of edible products including gummies, cookies, and snacks. Similar to processing other food products, packaging is an essential aspect. However, there are more factors and concerns that need to be put in consideration about packaging cannabis edibles.

A beginner's guide on packaging legal cannabis edibles

Maintain the quality of cannabis products with Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely used in many items including perishable foods and coffee. In order to keep the content fresh, MAP technology controls the environment within the package by maintaining certain mix5ture of gas.

When oxygen is mixed with cannabis, the THC cannabinoids oxidate will turn into CBN cannabinoids, which decreases efficacy, potency, and quality of the products. One way to prevent oxidation is by using a MAP technology called gas flush, which blasts the inside of a package with harmless nitrogen gas prior to sealing the package. This displaces the majority of the oxygen, resulting in longer shelf life for the cannabis products.

Requirements for cannabis edibles packaging

Since the regulations of cannabis products vary quite a lot in different regions or through time, most companies opt for the highest level whether it is required or not to avoid a extensive amount of cost in the future to redesign the package. Regulations in most areas require child-resistant closure for packaging cannabis products. Meanwhile, tamper-evident stickers should be added on the package to indicate if the package has been opened, and the packaging cannot be transparent for customers to see through the package.

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